Happy Holidays From

X-mas is near and of course that also means its hunting time for some great outfits. Luckly that means that there actually are hunts going on too, so you get to save money and find new great places to shop. December10th - 31st the hunt called 'Happy Holidays From'  sponsored by ISPACHI is running off.

The hunt includes a hundred different items from a hundred different brands which each is worth 400L, but only cost 10L. All the hunt items should be hidden within a reasonable range from the landing point, and on the same floor you land on. However remember that sometimes these rules can be forgotten.
This hunt will include items for both male and female avatars as well as unisex items. A list of SLURLs to each store will be provided at http://www.chic-management.com/.

There are no rules for the hunt items to be strictly holliday themed, so there should be a bit for everyone. However I got this very sexy dress with open back from Nyte'N'Day which will light up at any X-mas party on the grid, especially if you add a little freebie accesories like the antler hat :)

Dress: Nyte'N'Day - Happy Holidays From...Hunt - Micro Sweater Dress
Hair: Truth - Orchid Plain - fudge
Hat: Santa Hat w/Antlers 1 (freebie)
Nails: Caithlin Carter Designs - Long Nails - Diva - Silver

Pose: Exposeur: Meet Esther