Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lets do business

I found this very sexy dress at Xplosion, which jumped into my invie right away. It comes in a shirt and a top part, which can be put together to a dress like shown below of here.

However the black shirt can come off and you have a  short, cute, white top that also looks wonderful with a pair of jeans and the bra layers is optional as well. There are two skirt versions, with or without belt and a cute tie, if you really want turn up for the sexy business woman look. This dress comes in several colors, be sure to check both sides of the panel at the store, to see them all. You can also choose to just to buy the top part if you prefer.

The shoes are From Sim-I-Lar, who is celebrating their 1-year anniversary and therefore has releases these elegant Annabel shoes for the occation. They're scripted to be resized, and changing the metal color and of course come with a hud to fit them to your skin color. Group members get them discounted along with also a free silver pair, upon purchase of a normal pair. The offer is up till 6 PM slt today, Sunday.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chic Boutique Round 5

Chic Boutique has opened its doors for another round of good offers. I've mixed and matched some of the items you can find below:

This one is a really cute country style dress, it comes with no pocket or with a bow instead, you'll have to find a top to go with it on your own though. The earrings are super cute too and also comes in two variations. However the little details you have to look at in the picture below.

I've never seen eyelashes like these before, but the little human pictogram is a funny detail to any look and yup the eyes can be bought at Chich too.
Have you also noticed more and more skin are showing teeth these days? Here is another one. But the great part is that the teeth comes as a tattoo layer, so they're optional. Plus if you don't want to invest in a whole new skin and like the skin you already have, but also like the teeth detail, this is a cheap solution. Simply use the tattoo layer on your own skin too. I find the teeth to be very good.

The skin above of here does not come with the teeth, Im just illustrating, how the teeth mentioned before, easy can go with any skin. Plus they look great when chewing up glasses lol. The glasses might be my favorite item to get at Chic in this round, I don't know if it's because they're red, but I think they're very sexy and fun. You get 3 versions, one to chew on, one to wear on the nose and one to wear on the head. Last we have a little black dress and this one also in 2 small variations - A girl can't have too many little black dresses :)

Be sure to visit Chic Boutique for more cute items. All items are between 40-90L each.

Wearing in picture 1:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pretty Insolence

I don't know about you, but I don't tend to stroll around too much in lingerie here in SL. Which is a pitty, course there is few things more feminine and I really do love lingerie. So since I was doing this picture anyway, I thought I would share it with you and for once show of some good lingerie here. I know about time right?

I went to Insolence, which is one of my favorite lingerie stores here in SL and found just what I needed. The Deborah set is beautiful and highly detailed, even with the see-through layers. It comes in different clothing layers of course, but that also gives the opportunity to change the style of the garters and panties a bit, so I got it just how I prefered it. There are 4 stockings in the pack in different tones, from light to black. What more could a girl ask for? :)

Lingerie set - Insolence Deborah Purple Embroided Ensemble (stockings is included)
Bracelet: Acide! - Ecrin de Perles (From chick Boutique)
Nails & rings: Mandala - Sinra bracelet,ring,Nails/chocolate brown
Earrings: Leezu - Zoee Earring L /metal
Hair: Truth - Jolie - treacle
Pose: Exposeur - Top Model Accessorize - Ren

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines in Plastik

Plastik is another store ready for Valentines. Seems like Aikea Rieko pretty much made a Valentine edition of all her latests releases. So if you tp to the Plastik store you'll pretty much be in a sexy valentines outfit heaven, it doesn't get more pink than this. I've selected a few things to show here, but there is lots more, so be sure you go have a look on your own.

As you can see it's not big pink ball dresses, so you can pretty much use these all year around, whenever you feel like be bit more sexy. It's not all dresses though, as shown below you can also mix and sample some cute tops and short skirts, so if you think all the dresses get to be a little too much, you can mix into a more every day outfit as well.

There is even a Valentines edition of her elven skins. Below Im showing Chrysanthemum-Queen of which I thought was very cute with the flower make up around the eyes. There is a lot more variations and they're all great, so it's all up to you to go mix and match as you please. Sexy, cute, sweet, edgy, it's all possible.

Wearing Pic 1

Chic Valentines

The designers in this round of Chic Boutique also seems to be in a Valentines mood. So if you're in the need of a few accesories, this might be the place to look.

The skin with kissble lips I'm wearing, is from Filthy Skins. You also get in a tan and dark tone as well with cleavage tattoo layers and a windlight setting. A really good buy I must say. The top is really cute too and you get both a blue and a pink version in shirt and undershirt layer. Wearing both layers as I'm doing here will make the lace layers less see through. I'm loving the necklace from JD with all its little hear details without it being too much.

The bag and earrings are a group gift from G Field but they just fit right in and they're cute and perfect for the day.

Go have a look at Chic Boutique, there are a lot more cute details to look out for and as usual they not more than 40-90 L pr item.

Top: KIM -Wardrobe - LeoTop Blue
Pants: Baiastice Regalwool pant-black (Not a Chic object)
Necklace: JD - Necklace Love Me
Earrings: G Field - Heart Earrings -black (GF Group gift)
Bag: G Field - Heart Bag -black (GF Group gift)
Skin: Filthy Skins - Anna.valentines Pale
Hair: Truth - Kami - silver (Not a Chic object)
Pose: Exposeur - Meet Chelsey