Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last chance to support Fashion For Life

This is it! 4,3 million lindens has been collected at this time and tonight at 8pm SLT the closing ceremonies at Fashion for Life fair begins and soon it will all be gone. So this is your last chance to get all the goodies into your folders. Hopefully you already found some nice things and supported the course. But if you haven't been there yet (Gasp!) or you want som more inspiration, then I'd like to bring your attention to these great lingerie sets. After all we have to wear something really nice under all those beautiful FFL gowns :)

These Beauties are lingerie sets from Blacklace who writes about themself:

"what is underneath your attire can transform the average everyday woman into an all-knowing seductress. Created for women who want to feel sexy and love lingerie"

I'm sure these sets would make any Dita Von Teese crave for them! They come in in a ton of layers to mix an match for just the look you like, with the option of adding cute little bows prims and lace, or take off for a more simple look. Furthermore all the sets includes a bracelet in silver or gold and a cute gift teddy. I can highly recommend these lingerie sets, so why not go throw a few more lindens into the course? :)
Blacklace is located on the Helmut Newton sim.

If you missed it, then please read my previous posts for more info about the Fashion for Life fair and other nice items to find.

Wearing in Picture 1

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion For Life - Gowns

Yay! As I'm posting this, about 2,826,881 L has been collected at the Fashion for Life fair. But is that really enough? With 200 stores participating at the fair, there is room for more shopping and the ammount could be doubled, while you require some truly great designs. What about a nice dress for special occations? The fair has lots of possibilities for that, so here comes a few suggestions. If you haven't already, then please read my previous post with more info about the Fashion for life Fair.

From Nicky Ree I'm featuring the RFL 2011 Mara Art Deco dress. This dress has beautiful patterns underlining its elegant look. The back is equally elegant with its low cut and as its often the case with Nicky Ree's dresses it comes with multible skirt options.Here Im showing the long version, but upon purchase you'll also also get it in a short, svelte and grandeur version. The Mara dress comes with a long history of only being sold at special events such at that Relay for Life, with a different fabric or pattern each time. One should maybe start to collect the different editions :)

For these dresses, you could add this cute piece of jewelry as I'm showing in close-up above of here. The symbolic little ribbon jewelry is the Cancer Awareness Ribbon from Peeps Fashion. Since it also have the classic pearl design, it works very well in a more elegant imagery like the Nicky Ree dress.

If you're wondering why so many of the outfits are in black and white, it's because this years theme is called “Beyond Black and White,” is a way to embody the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer.

Then there is more goodies from LeeZu, like this interesting dress I'm showing above of here named A Mon Insu. With the great colors and details you're sure to get noticed anywhere. I'm especially liking the texturing details and the asummetrical lines that together with the hat, gives a truly unique look.

In the more colorful apect we have this very romantic Coppelia Gown, in blush from Evie's Closet. This dress seems like it could turn any girl into the queen of the ball. Actually the flowers I'm wearing in my hair is another item from Evie's, called the Secret Garden Wreath. It does not come with the dress, but its great to underline a romantic theme. It comes in a single or double version.

Here as the last, I'll show you the elegant Yvonne Black Gown the FFL item from Clio, which any Femme fatale would be proud to wear. Clio explains that usually she is into a lot of colors and that she makes everything from scratch. I think she got away really great the black and white theme of the fair as well with this dress.

Now maybe you're thinking you don't really use gowns so often, but if you ever do, is there a better time to invest in one than now?  It all benefits the good course of fighting cancer. Hope you feel inspired by some of these dresses and let yourself loose. All the money is benefitting donations to the American Cancer Society via the SL Relay for Life. Go shopping here! :)

Accessories  used in the pictures and not part of the fair

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion For Life Fair

It's time! Tomorrow, Saturday, Fashion for Life is opening its doors for its 9 sims and till March 22 you'll get all the fashion you could dream of. A 180 stores are participating this year, which pretty much means all the greatest designers of SL will be there, suppporting the good course. The theme this year will be “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. All your donations will go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. You'll find more information and details on the Fashion for Life site -

I have the pleasure to have already received some of the great items you can find at the fair. Naturally I can't blog all the goodies, but Im gonna blog a few teasers for now along with some more informaton I've received about the course and fair and then I'll blog some more in the coming days.

Above photo is showing the Pop Dress, a contribution from Nyte'N'Day. I'm so loving the artisic and cute little prints, creating a natural flow with the feminine bow. This also comes in a RFL edition which is white with a bow in hot pink.

The FFL team explains that the theme of Fashion for Life this year is “Beyond Black and White.” Instead of doing themes that were based on locales or one monolithic theme, they came upon the idea of making the sims in black and white -like a black and white photo. This is to reinforce how cancer is no longer a black and white diagnosis because of the work of the American Cancer Society. They provide funds, programs and support that takes cancer “beyond black and white.” Designers and builders were given this theme and encouraged to interpret it as they pleased

And then we have this cute set of the Chloe jeans and Samantha top from Fab.Pony. The jeans are high wasted and therefore helps making your legs seems very long. They come with two sets of prim cuffs, one for flats and one for heels. The V-neck top is simple and feminine with a play of white and silver stripes, making it useful for many things.

Remember the the team behind FFL is entirely volunteer driven and 100% of the funds raised are presented as a charitable donation to ACS from the residents of Second Life. Check out the website where a running total will be shown and you can keep track to the minute how the donating is going.

Above of here I'm showing the lovely Languid Party Dress in the color Goldenrod from Vanitas Vesture. A full skirt with simple clean lines, but super elegant, just need to put it together with the right hair and shoes to underline it and you'd be good for any cocktail party. This dress comes in various colors, so be sure to check out if you like the shape of the dress.

Last but least, im featuring above this dres called Catch Lilli from LeeZu Designs. I totally adore this dress because the many details such as elegant shape of the collar and the vivid fabric that keeps the black and white from ever being borring. Don't worry it comes in more colorful variation too, if you prefer that. In the folder you'll find the skirt in a flexy, non flexy like above ad a baby doll version. ├Źndeed one of my favorites from the fair.

Fashion for Life is the evolution of the RFL Clothing Fair. This new fair includes not just clothing, but anything an avatar can wear such as skins, shoes, hair, and accessories. Now the American Cancer Society sponsors the sims so all donations go directly to them to offset those costs and to add to the general fund. Finally, the name change indicates how Fashion for Life is not a Relay for Life team effort (as it was in the past) but an entity separate from the RFL teams. Here showing the main sponsers of the fair and the sim named after reknowned black and white photographers, according to the theme.

Each designer donated money to have a store on the sims and committed to donate four items whose income goes to the American Cancer Society 100%. VIP Sponsors made higher donations and Sim Sponsors made substantially larger donations. This means that 1,100,000L has already been raised via sponsorships.

This will be all from me for today, Ill be sure to post more as soon as possible, there is a bunch of great dresses and a hunt and gatchas to report. Now Im guessing, you'd like a link? :) Here it comes, but remember fair is not opening til Saturday march 12, once it do, go shop and donate, this is for a good course that most of us has experience with in some way. Be sure to help us all and keep your prim count down we're here to help after all, so make room to shop for as many people as possible

Click for SLURL to Fashion for Life Fair.

Acessories used and not part of the fair: