Friday, February 20, 2015

Dreams of Spring

Spring is just around the corner and the Seraphim Social event started yesterday and is running till March 5th. The event is full of lovely items from 20 different designers and one of them is of course Dead Dollz, who has designed this romantic dress exclusive for this event, with Ethereal as the theme.

The dress has a silk like fabric and can be bought in 4 different spring colors, each where the top comes in a solid or see through variation. Some nice details to the top, is a little golden  ring around the neck and pearls decorating it down the sides. See the dress a bit closer in the picture below.

The headpiece with the flowers is a perfect match witht he romantic spring look, but I found that it go well with a lot of different styles. I found it from .Enfant Terrible at the Liaison Collaborative which is also ready for spring to come by.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Leather Leggings Love

As usual I had a look at the Collabor88 round, this time the theme is My Love. I assume it is a reference to Valentines Day, but I am not sure I found the items overly romantic. However I did fell for this outfit from ISON. It is a very simple and elegant outfit, with an edge to it. The leather leggings and jacket is bought separately and I see endless possibilites to mix and match them with other clothes, deffinitely a great buy.

Jacket: ISON - serino leather jacket -S - coal (C88)
Leggings: ISON - tova leather leggings - coal (C88)
Shoes: Poute- Oasis High Heels- Red (With Love Fair)
Necklace: Yummy -  Celestial Necklace - Star - Gold (Uber)
Ring: Yummy - Winter Flower Ring - Copper
Hair: Boon - YNO421 hair - Chocolate
Pose: Del May  - Driftwood

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Due to Valentines Day is just around the corner, there are a couple of the ongoing fairs, that has love as a theme. Running this week is the With Love Fair 2015 and the Love is in the Air. It should be more than possible to find a dress or two for your Valentines weekend. It might also be the perfect opportunity to take your significant other on a little shopping trip.

Are you among nations who doesn't celebrate Valentines or you would really rather shoot cupid down, don't worry, most of items at the fairs can be used all year around and comes in other colors than red and pink. Like this dress and gown from Dead Dollz at the With Love Fair. They come in 6 different colors and are good for any night out when in the need to feel a bit elegant and sexy. You can buy a short or long versions as shown above. Both versions has a deep cut in the back and in each pack you get a solid color version or a version where the top part is white or black.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Off to the fairs

This week has been bursting with fairs and starting events. After an eventful rl week as well, I have managed to visit most of the fairs, but not blogging much, so expect some extra posts in the coming week, as there is a lot of great outfits to be shared. The outfit I am featuring here, I found at the Fashion Fair, where there is a lot to be seen. I fell for this outfit, course it is a classy every day look and also fits the season with the fur vest. The vest actually come in a short and long edition, creating a nice variation.

The shoes from Poute are super cute and just what I was looking for as it seems like all my shoes seems to be pumps these days, so it is nice with a classic shape. I still have a tendency to only buy black or red shoes, but I think they bright up this outfit really well :)

Dress: Faun - GiGi Leather Sleeved Jersey (Fashion Fair)
Vest: Faun - Linx Fur Vest (Fashion Fair)
Shoes: Poute - Oasis High Heels (Fashion Fair)
Hair: Boon - YNO421 hair
Skin: Belleza - Grace
Necklace: Yummy - Celestial Necklace - Star - Gold (Uber)
Pose: Di's Opera - Divine Series 1 - 4