Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dead Dollz @ AW14

I am having real trouble keeping up with the productivity of Kiddo Oh and I am just trying to blog pictures. She just released 8 new Dead Dollz dresses for the Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, which is going on right now and till Sept 22nd. I am going to show 3 of my favorites here, but they are all gorgeous dresses really, so be sure you go have a look. 

First dress is this wonderful, black cocktail dress, which I am totally in love with. It reminds me of a diva princess from an old movie with its design of clear lines and little poofy skirt sprinkled with small gems.

Its big sister is the gown called Full Measures, which is a dream for any princess on the grid. It got the same strict lines as as the Half Measure dress, but this one comes in full lenght and it can't get more pink than this, which  leads my thoughts to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty princcesses.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Belleza Venus - New Mesh Body

I have never been a fan of mesh bodies and specially not when they come with a head. I kinda think they look freakish, like something is not quite right. Like the mesh avatar in question, could at any given moment begin to pursuit its dream of world domination and try to kill everyone around.

Kidding aside, when I heard that Belleza was working on a mesh body, I was curious though, as I know they are about quality in everything they do. When I heard the body would come without a face, I was even more interested to see it. Now I have been very lucky to receive a copy of this fitted mesh body, also called Belleza Venus, so I can blog it. I can say that I am very positive about a lot of the features. It was sent on my 8 years rezz day in SL, should think Tricky Boucher had known, but I had to go party before I could write this up lol

First of all the mesh body comes in two versions, one that is entirely Belleza and one that compatible with SLink hands and feet. The package includes two pairs of shoes and a lingerie set in white, nude and black. I am featuring the black set in this picture.

It is easy to see that Tricky Boucher had an eye on the details and it is almost flawless. Personally I adjusted my shape a little to get a better result with the mesh shape. It is not that the shape didn't fit, course it does and you can bend your body around as much as you like, it will still fit. But I felt some proportions had changed a little, so I adjusted my own shape a little. The above picture is not a raw shot, but in order for you to get a fair idea of how it really looks, I haven't been correcting anything on the body in PS.

The most important part of this package aside from the body itself, is the HUD which is where you will find all the neat tricks and where you can customize your mesh body a great deal, This I beleive is the real strenght of this body.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dead Dollz @ The 24²

Dead Dollz is out with this super cute dress for the The 24² event week.  All the items created for the event are Limited Edition. This means only 150 copies will be sold, so don't wait too long if you want to grab tis super cute dress that comes in a black and white edition.

As you can see the dress has a very romantic feel to it with its lovely lace fabric that makes it look like it is see through but in reality it isn't. It comes with a hud that let you choose the tone of the "see through" parts. This limited edition  dress comes for the neat price of 420L which is pretty good for a limited dress you can use for many occations.