Belleza Venus - New Mesh Body

I have never been a fan of mesh bodies and specially not when they come with a head. I kinda think they look freakish, like something is not quite right. Like the mesh avatar in question, could at any given moment begin to pursuit its dream of world domination and try to kill everyone around.

Kidding aside, when I heard that Belleza was working on a mesh body, I was curious though, as I know they are about quality in everything they do. When I heard the body would come without a face, I was even more interested to see it. Now I have been very lucky to receive a copy of this fitted mesh body, also called Belleza Venus, so I can blog it. I can say that I am very positive about a lot of the features. It was sent on my 8 years rezz day in SL, should think Tricky Boucher had known, but I had to go party before I could write this up lol

First of all the mesh body comes in two versions, one that is entirely Belleza and one that compatible with SLink hands and feet. The package includes two pairs of shoes and a lingerie set in white, nude and black. I am featuring the black set in this picture.

It is easy to see that Tricky Boucher had an eye on the details and it is almost flawless. Personally I adjusted my shape a little to get a better result with the mesh shape. It is not that the shape didn't fit, course it does and you can bend your body around as much as you like, it will still fit. But I felt some proportions had changed a little, so I adjusted my own shape a little. The above picture is not a raw shot, but in order for you to get a fair idea of how it really looks, I haven't been correcting anything on the body in PS.

The most important part of this package aside from the body itself, is the HUD which is where you will find all the neat tricks and where you can customize your mesh body a great deal, This I beleive is the real strenght of this body.

First of all you wear the mesh body and put on a skin, then you go to the HUD and select the skin tab and choose which Belleza skin type you are wearing. There is already presets included and you can even choose to add tattoo layers.

Next there is the Alpha tab, which in theory is where you can click selected areas of the body and make it disappear. you can do this by clicking the actual area or click the button that make larger areas dissapear like the torso or legs. I really like this idea, however I am having trouble getting this to work with the mesh dresses I wanted to wear for my rezz day. The shoulder parts would either cover too much or too little. If you aren't too fuzzy about this, you can get away with it and I don't think most people will notice. Belleza says they have tested this and it will work with most clothing though breasts and buttocks might need some adjustment as well.

The Breasts tab will give you the option to select the color of your nipples to fit your skin tone and you also get the option to add push-up. Not just an illusion like we used to see on skins with the tattoo layers, this is real pixel push-up. I would have liked to be a bit more in control of the shape of the breasts, but editing your shape helps, it is still were you have to set the size, gravity level and how seperated you want them to be.

The Hands tab is probably one of my favorite features as here you can select poses for your hands and you can even give each hand a different pose. I love that I won't need to buy different hands and find them and re-attach every time I want my hands to change. It is also here you can select nail polish for your hands, but you can also select the lenght of the nails. There is 16 different hand poses, 3 nail lenghts and 20 different nail polish.

The Feet is where you can choose between flat, medium or high feet. There is also an option called JD, which is for Just Design feet and also works the shoes that is included in the package. Here you also have 20 nail polish options to fit your hands.

All in all I think this is a beautiful mesh body with a lot of options for customization, which is very important to me. There is a few things I could wish differently, like an option to shape the breasts a little more, but I'm not sure that is possible at all. My biggest issue is getting the alpha to fit my favorite dresses. Also I am not sure I have the patience to fit the alpha layers each time I change outfit, so I probably won't go dancing too much  in this body.

However I see potential for taking wonderful pictures and you will probably see more  from me in the future, while wearing this body. Bare in mind that I am not accustomed to wear mesh bodies yet, so I will need to play around with his one a bit more (not like that) and see what I come up with.

The official release date is not decided at the time I am writing this post, but should be on sale in the mainstore later this week. I did get confirmed that the price is going to be 3995L, which is pretty good, considering you get a real quality body with a lot of options to fit your own style.

Update: The Venus mesh body is now available at the new mainstore

Body: Belleza - Venus fitted mesh body
Skin: Belleza - Grace (Collabor88 aug)
Lingerie: Belleza (Comes with the Venus body)
Shoes: Belleza (Comes with the Venus body)
Hair: Truth Hair - Posy
Pose 1: Exposeur - Top Model Tatianna
Pose 2: Exposeur - Top Model Simone
Pose 3: Exposeur - Top Model Samantha