Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Escape

In real life it is getting a bit too warm for my liking and yet it seems like I am catching a cold. So I've escaped to a tranquil location with a  beautiful Indian palace which is simply surrounded by water and beauty. Wearing a light floral summer dress from Gizza to go with the summer look.

I believe this dress is good for almost any occation depending on how you accessories, which is why I have been wearing it a lot lately. I even ran the RFL in this outfit to show my support to two of my friends.The dress comes with a a hud, that lets you change the dress into 3 different colors, but it can also be purchased in other variations.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blue Retro

I was pointed in the direction of this cute retro dress a few days ago and went to get it straight away. What I really like about it, is the strict lines of the design, while it maintains a soft look. The fabric of this version seems like silk is falling smoothly around your avis body specially in the back.

Even though it is short, it is great for dancing. I have been giving it a pretty good spin and it follows the movements well. The dress can be purchased in ten different colors and as such can be used for the retro image or a more classic image. 

Thank you Yasmine for showing it to me :)