Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simple, Summer Elegance

I've been looking for an elegant mesh dress to wear for bit more formal events, but still with a summerly touch. I think I finally found it as it was just recently released.

This dress from Cold Logic, is simple and elegant, but with a nice detail of the belt around the waitst to underline the female figure. Plus it is sexy with an open back and hinting the lines of the breasts, what more could I ask for?
It even passes my dance test. Which is, I should be able to dance around at events without my butt suddenly sticks out, which some mess skirts unfortunately has made a bad habit of. This dress has just the right lenght to follow my every move. What can I say? I love it and I think its going to be one of my favorites for this summer :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New mesh clothing at Nyte'N'Day

Thought I'd show of some of the latest releases from Nyte'N'Day, because for one she just started out making mesh clothing and secondly it is really great results and I'm totally in love. Just watch the pictures below and judge for yourself.

Her first creation is above mesh blazer, which I'm really impressed with and also SO in love with. It is very sexy with the deep cut and small hot pants that comes with it. add some boots and you're ready to go clubbing. It also comes on more neutral colors, which is good for a sexy business wear. This color version was orginally sold at Culture Shock.

Latest release is this miniskirt, that she just created in a ton of different colors and patterns, so should be sure to find something you like. The mesh skirt is simple and easy to mix up with somehing else and of course is delivered in numerous sizes. Here I mixed it with some of of Nytes hike tanks. I added two different layers, to create a little effect.