Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cherry Dreams

While it pours down with rain outside, I felt like dreaming away to warmer places where you can wear small tops and mini-skirts. This cute little outfit from LeeZu fits perfect for this theme. Ultra short mini-skirt and a an airy flowery top, makes you think of summer times. Depending how you put it together with hair and jewelry, you might as well go clubbing and dancing in this. Both top and skirt comes in many different colors that match each other. Here I've chosen to mix a pink version of the tp with black version of the miniskirt.


Friday, July 22, 2011

All in one sexyness at mJ'Ds

Here is a cute and super short dress to look out for, because you don't just get a dress you get it ALL. The dress is from mJ'Ds where there is a lot of sexyness to be found. It comes in brown, grey, soft pink and sea Blue, but what is more interesting is that the jewelry, belt and boots is included. If you're just interested in the jewelry or the boots, they can be bought seperately though.

The necklace is actually two necklaces, so you get to decide how heavy loaded you want to be. The same goes for the boots that comes in two versions. One as shown in picture above, long boots with long socks. However it can also be replaced with a low ancle shoe with socks replacing the booth calf. All is made en highly detailed exture and small details like the bucles on the boots and variation of the pearls on the jewelry. Dress also looks great with just a pair of stilettos :)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mix with blazer

Just a little mix I put together, that is pretty close to someting you'd see in real life. I'm loving the blazer which I actually came across by incident, but it has been useful for a lot of different looks. The dress below is not a new release either, but something I found at Emery once and have been very fond off too. This one has a zebra print below the jacket, but there is different variations.

The necklace and bracelet with black pearls are a new relase from Knock! Very detailed jewelty which adds a more rough touch to the mix. It is part of a pack that also includes earrings with black feathers that matches the necklace and some face piercings. Below is a close up, so you can see the necklace in more details.

Shoes are the most recent release from N-Core, that always rocks for their details and modification options. Specially these comes in a lot of different color variations, so should be possible to find a pair you like too. Enjoy shopping! :)