Last chance to support Fashion For Life

This is it! 4,3 million lindens has been collected at this time and tonight at 8pm SLT the closing ceremonies at Fashion for Life fair begins and soon it will all be gone. So this is your last chance to get all the goodies into your folders. Hopefully you already found some nice things and supported the course. But if you haven't been there yet (Gasp!) or you want som more inspiration, then I'd like to bring your attention to these great lingerie sets. After all we have to wear something really nice under all those beautiful FFL gowns :)

These Beauties are lingerie sets from Blacklace who writes about themself:

"what is underneath your attire can transform the average everyday woman into an all-knowing seductress. Created for women who want to feel sexy and love lingerie"

I'm sure these sets would make any Dita Von Teese crave for them! They come in in a ton of layers to mix an match for just the look you like, with the option of adding cute little bows prims and lace, or take off for a more simple look. Furthermore all the sets includes a bracelet in silver or gold and a cute gift teddy. I can highly recommend these lingerie sets, so why not go throw a few more lindens into the course? :)
Blacklace is located on the Helmut Newton sim.

If you missed it, then please read my previous posts for more info about the Fashion for Life fair and other nice items to find.

Wearing in Picture 1

Lingerie set: Blacklace - Cha Cha: Pinup Cherry Red & Black Girdle Set
Teddybear: Blacklace Bear ( Comes with the set)
Hair: Truth - Kami - crow
Tattoo: BBE - Floral 4 sepia
Pose: Top Model - Erin 2

Wearing Picture 2
Lingerie set: Unforgettable: Black Velvet & White Satin Polka Dot
Bracelet: Blacklace - Charm Braclet: Silver
Hair: Anise - treacle
Pose: LAP - F-Blogger10 PR4