Chic Boutique Round 5

Chic Boutique has opened its doors for another round of good offers. I've mixed and matched some of the items you can find below:

This one is a really cute country style dress, it comes with no pocket or with a bow instead, you'll have to find a top to go with it on your own though. The earrings are super cute too and also comes in two variations. However the little details you have to look at in the picture below.

I've never seen eyelashes like these before, but the little human pictogram is a funny detail to any look and yup the eyes can be bought at Chich too.
Have you also noticed more and more skin are showing teeth these days? Here is another one. But the great part is that the teeth comes as a tattoo layer, so they're optional. Plus if you don't want to invest in a whole new skin and like the skin you already have, but also like the teeth detail, this is a cheap solution. Simply use the tattoo layer on your own skin too. I find the teeth to be very good.

The skin above of here does not come with the teeth, Im just illustrating, how the teeth mentioned before, easy can go with any skin. Plus they look great when chewing up glasses lol. The glasses might be my favorite item to get at Chic in this round, I don't know if it's because they're red, but I think they're very sexy and fun. You get 3 versions, one to chew on, one to wear on the nose and one to wear on the head. Last we have a little black dress and this one also in 2 small variations - A girl can't have too many little black dresses :)

Be sure to visit Chic Boutique for more cute items. All items are between 40-90L each.

Wearing in picture 1:
Dress: Frenzy - Landgirls Dress 2 ( bra not included)
Earrings: Mood - Facile Genoa Earrings
Skin: Sweet Bites Special Skin for Chic Boutique
Eyes: Rozena Skin - Glossy Eye - paran
Lashes: Mocha - BF Chic
Hair: Truth - Jolie - dark browns (Not Chic object)
Nails: Candy Nail - Birth Stone Nails Diamond *April (Not Chic object)
Pose: Exposeur - Alexandria (Not Chic object)

Wearing in picture 3:
Dress: KIM- Suro- Chic Boutique
Glasses: LEO-NT - Poor Deer Glasses - [ruby] Set
Earrings: Mood - Facile Genoa Earrings
Skin: Bashyra - Tan Skin < Chic
Eyes: Rozena Skin  - Glossy Eye - sweet wine
Teeth tattoo - Sweet Bites  Special skin # Teeth
Hair: Truth - Sandra - beach (Not Chic object)
Nails: Candy Nail - Birth Stone Nails Diamond *April (Not Chic object)
Pose: Exposeur - Molly (Not Chic object)