Pretty Insolence

I don't know about you, but I don't tend to stroll around too much in lingerie here in SL. Which is a pitty, course there is few things more feminine and I really do love lingerie. So since I was doing this picture anyway, I thought I would share it with you and for once show of some good lingerie here. I know about time right?

I went to Insolence, which is one of my favorite lingerie stores here in SL and found just what I needed. The Deborah set is beautiful and highly detailed, even with the see-through layers. It comes in different clothing layers of course, but that also gives the opportunity to change the style of the garters and panties a bit, so I got it just how I prefered it. There are 4 stockings in the pack in different tones, from light to black. What more could a girl ask for? :)

Lingerie set - Insolence Deborah Purple Embroided Ensemble (stockings is included)
Bracelet: Acide! - Ecrin de Perles (From chick Boutique)
Nails & rings: Mandala - Sinra bracelet,ring,Nails/chocolate brown
Earrings: Leezu - Zoee Earring L /metal
Hair: Truth - Jolie - treacle
Pose: Exposeur - Top Model Accessorize - Ren


  1. You look great, take great pictures and write well. So sad the men still lag far behind in making themselves look good. I think I'll make a female avi and start shopping where you recommend.

    Bob Pitre

  2. Thank you. Im working on expanding the lists for male stores too. Just obvious not where I look too often, but keep looking :)


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