Make up from Divine at Chic Boutique

On Dec. 23 Chic Boutique opened its doors. Displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators  in SL, from 40-90L per item. Even better, the collection  is changed every second week!
Below I'm showing showing the wonderful sad Chic Makeup from Divine, which you can find amoung the discounts at this time.

If you haven't tried make up sets yet, it's really neat, because you can add it to whatever skin you're wearing as an exstra layer. No reason to buy a whole new skin if you're happy with the one you got. However this make up only can be worn with a viewer that supports the new tattoo layers. Get these 3 makeup versions from Divine for only 40L at Chic Boutique

Read more at Chic Boutiques blog -

Wearing Pic 1:
Makeup: I'm Chic C
Jacket: R.icielli - Misseiling jacket/sangria
Hair : Truth - Francesca - cocoa
Skin: League - Taylor Suntan -NudePink- Frex

Wearing Pic 2:
Makeup: I'm Chic B
Hair : Truth - Francesca - cocoa
Skin: League - Taylor Suntan -NudePink- Frex

Wearing Pic 3:
Makeup: I'm Chic A
Hair: Truth - Estelle - pecan
Skin: League - Taylor Suntan -NudePink- Frex