Countdown to Indie Teepee - Midsummer Nights

In just a few days, on July 8th at Midnight SLT to be more specific, Indie Teepee is opening it's doors. For those of you who might not be familiar with Indie Teepee, it's a great fair full of entertainment and shopping! This year has 'Midsummer Nights' as the theme and that seems like a perfect setting for some great evenings in SL.

The fair has over 60 designers and creators participating and during the weekends, there wil be great live musicians and DJs filling the sims with music. Some great live singers like Oblee and Engrama is scheduled, that I personally enjoy and there will LAO other great names to check out.

Of course there will also be a grand fashion show by Penumbra, that showcases some of the designs at the fair, if you are looking for some further inspiration. The fashion show will be taking place Saturday, July 16 at 2 PM SLT

If all that isn't enough of a Second Life cultural melting pot for you, then there is also planned to be games, poetry readings and creative forum during the weekdays,

Finally but not least, Guerrilla Burlesque will be producing 3 revues, 3 pit shows and lots of interactive workshops throughout the week. Don't forget to pic up the the gift at your arrival and a shopping hud to guide you around.

In my picture

I've been trying to showcase a lot of items, that is available at the fair. As you can see it includes everything from dresses to accessories and furnitures.
I am wearing a cute little dress from evoLove that s low cut in the front and in the back and little bit transparent at the thighs. Of course the dress comes in  many colors.

The bench I am sitting on, is from unKindness and comes with poses as well and with and without a blanket in various patterns.

I am surrounded by a great summer gazebo pavillion from HopScotch. The two sides and ceiling is covered by  transparent, white fabric that gives a litghtness to it. In the background I have put an really interesting build from  Toiz. I don't really give them fully justice in this picture, but definitely worth checking out.

I am wearing some fun fairty heels from Violetility. They come in a million colors, more or less. The really cute detail about these are the heels, that have little butterfly wings in metal on them.

Id also like to note the flying lights, the ones with small tails behind them, liek small comets. I am actually wearing them and they fly around my avie as cool magical energy. They are from Cole's Corner and really well made.

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You can check out the website for all the planned events and participating names, to find out what interests you the most here.

I can also recommend that you check out the event on Facebook and sign up, so you get notifiation about what is going on. Just ignore that it says it ends on July 17th and that tickets are available, it's not needed, just Facebook being annoying.


All items mentioned below, is located at Indie Teepee.
Indie Teepee Midsummer Nights will end on July 24th 2016.

Dress: evoLove - Midsummer - Purple
Shoes: Violetility - Fairy Heels
Hair: Elua - Willow
Flower wreath: SWaGGa - Crown of Gardens
Necklace: Oxide - Eka Necklace
Rings: Imeka - Indie Rings
Sparkling lights: Cole's Corner - Starlight Sprite - Ice and Energy

Items in the scene:
Pavilliom: HopScotch - Dreamy pavilion
Moon: Ariskea - Faedreams - Moon of us Blue
Hanging bottles: Ariskea- Faedreams - Fairy Dust
Bench: unKindness - In Tuned Bench w. Blanket - Celestial
Picture: QE Designs - Home Collection Celestial Marquee
Floating fish - Pewpew! - Aqua Bubble Fish
Lamp: HopScotch - Dreamy Lamp
Roses: Ariskea - Faedreams - Roses of You
Potion: Pixel Mode - Love Juice (Gacha item - Common)
Rug: QE Designs - Home Collection Rug
Building in the back: - Toiz - 8. rain cube (Gacha item - rare)

I am putting in this extra photo I worked on, that shows some of the smaller details, like the shoes, a little better.


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