Let your dreams be your drive

Indie Teepee is ending on Sunday and I am going on vacation in a couple of days, so thougth I would just make one last post, with a dreamy theme of going out in the world.

The amazing balloon cars that I have filled a sim with, are from Poisoned Diamond and I just love the idea of them. As you can see in the picture they come in several colors, but there is also a version where the back is open and the car function as a bed or a less prim heavy couch version.

The Balloon Trapeze I am sitting on is pretty neat too and great for creating dreamy scenes. It comes with several poses and animations. Some are more natural, like the one in my picture and some are more artistic. I had a lot of fun with working through them. The balloons can also be changed in into several other colors, even into two different colors.

I'd also like to alos make a note to what I am wearing. I already had several people asking about the jacket and pants before I could finish this blog post.

The yoga pants are from Kaithleen's, also sold at Indie Teepee. They are super cute and summerly. The edge, little ribbon and the main part can all be changed into different colors.

The Jacket is a new release from PurpleMoon sold at Swank. It is really cute with the ethnic pattern on the sleeves and fringes in the front. I recommend you click the picture, to see it more close up. The jacket comes in several colors and in a version with or without the top below.

I have paired the outfit with two necklaces in turqouise, but both comes in several other colors. The long etnic looking necklace with pearls and beads, is also from PurpleMoon, sold at The Liaison Collaboratie. It is really great necklace that can give a more interesting look to any outfit. All the different parts can of course be color changed to match many other colors.

The short one is a beautiful necklace from Empyrean Forge at Indie Teepee. The metal can be changed into gold or silver and the stones are in different colors in really beautiful stones.

The hair I found at Collabor88 from Monso. I just love its big, culy and a bit wild style. I found that it works very well with my more relaxed look in this picture.

Don't forget to check out Indie Teepee's Facebook page and website for more events going on this week. For example I can recommend to go listen to Engrama, tomorrow, July 20 from Noon SLT and Tallyesin from 2 PM, they are woth listening to. There is much more going on for the rest of the week, so check the calendar or follow on Facebook.

Lastly, I want to say  thank you to Kiddo Oh, for not questioning my sanity too much, when I asked if could fill her place with flying cars and she just said sure. Couldn't have made this idea come to life without it.



Jacket and top: PurpleMoon - Cassidy jacket (Swank - July 2016)
Long necklace: PurpleMoon - Montana Necklace (TLC - July 2016)
Short Necklace: Empyrean Forge - Tibetan Necklace (Indie Teepee - Ends July 24th)
Pants: Kaithleen's Yoga Pants (Indie Teepee - Ends July 24th)
Hair: Monso - My Hair - Sinbi (C88 - July 2016)

Items in the picture:

Flying Cars: Poisoned Diamond - Beetle Balloon (Indie Teepee - Ends July 24th)
Trapeze; : Lewd - Balloon Trapeze (Indie Teepee - Ends July 24th)