If I lay here...

If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
                                                          Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Uber is ready with a great, new round and this months theme is called Sahara. Seems pretty fitting with all the warm weather these days. I have been by several times already, course I keep finding a new item I can't love without.

One of them, is this wonderfully ruby bodysuit from Villena, sold at Uber. As you can see the bodysuit is decorated with small gold coins. The metal can be changed with the hud that comes in the pack as well. There are a lot of colors to choose from and I think the bodysuit can pass for a swimsuit as well. Really great for a lot of summer occations. 

I have matched it with this surprising new tattoo in beautiful metalic colors from White~Widow. I must say, I really love the idea, it brings so much life and spark to an outfit. A true gem in itself. The tattoo is called Genius and is sold in gold, silver and cobber at The Fantasy Collective.

Zaara is also at Uber, selling a great jewelry set, in different parts, that also consists of little metal coins, that I thought fit the this outfit pretty well. In this picture, I am just wearing the shoulder part though, to not mix it too much with the tattoo layer. 


Bodysuit: Villena - Plunging Bodysuit - Ruby (Uber - June/July 2016)
Tattoo: White~Widow - Genius - Cobber (TFC - June/July 2016)
Shoulder Jewel: Zaara - Raksha arm-chain  - Gold (Uber - June/July 2016)