If you read some of my previous posts, you will know that I absolutly love summer or sunny and warm weather. I also love all the summer outfits that  comes with the season. I was thinking of a tropical ice cream commercial when I made this picture, just without the ice cream, but I hope you like it :)
So, I am am delighted that Dead Dollz, has released this new bikini at Uber. I also DJ some pool parties at Shenanigans every second Friday at, Shenanigans, so this comes in handy, specially course there are so many colors, that can be mixed and matched. If you are looking for somewhere to use your new bikini, you should join our pool party on Friday 12-2 pm, it's a lot of fun!
Anyways, the bikini stands out, course it is classic and sexy at the same time, and ooze of quality. The set also comes with a sheer top/dress, that you can put on if you want the summer look, but it's not a situation where you can walk around in just a bikini. Each color is sold seperately, but it's a lot of fun to mix them.

I love all the color options, but went with the warm orange and fuchia colors, for this summer look and a white rope, to make it easier to see through.

I've matched the look with sexy shoes from ChicChica, which is a store I am getting addicted to. The shoes are great looking with the little golden chains, high heels and sandal look.

As you can see,  managed to find another great summer hairdo, that is wiped backwards from the face. The hair is from Beausy and is another great style for summer and bikinis.

Another great summer accessory is sunglasses! I found these pilot glasses. from Redgrave, at the marketplace. They are very cool looking and allows you to costomize everyting from the metal frame to the lens color.

The tattoo I am wearing, is the white versions Zoom from White~Widow, sold at Shiny Shaby. It's really lovely, with the large flowery patterns down the arms. What I failed to show, is that it ends in two decorative fish on the chest, The details to this tattoo, really makes it stand out to others. You can also see the black version of the tattoo, in my previous blog post.

The pose is a brand new pose, by me. I call it Miss Sunshine, as you can use it to pose lazily outside in the sun. But of course it can be used for anything creative purpose. It's a static pose, that also comes in a mirrored version. You can check it, and my other poses out, on the marketplace.


Bikini top: Dead Dollz - Dune bikini - Orange (Uber - ends June 22 - 2016)
Bikini bottom: Dead Dollz - Dune bikini - Fuchsia (Uber - ends June 22 - 2016)
Rope: Dead Dollz - Dune Beach Robe - White (Uber - ends June 22 - 2016)
Shoes: ChicChica - Penelope Ivory
Sunglasses: Redgrave - Maddison
Tattoo: White~Widow - Zoom (Shiny Shabby - May 2016)
Hair: Beusy - Labrynth
Pose: EZ Poses - Miss Sunshine