Shouting merry Christmas to you all!

So Christmas is upon us and I would like to take the time to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you will have a great couple of days with your loved ones.

I have been roaming around to find something to wear for my holiday greetings this year. Then last night, I fell over a post from Purple Moon with the most X-massy dress I've ever seeen and then it's even at half price right now! So as soon as I got the chance today, I rushed over and  grabbed it for myself.

The dress consists of a small red dress, a long skirt of the brances and a overlaying layer with the decorations. And my, are those detailed or what. Just notice the little cute dog in front, it is also part of the dress. There is also an extra skirt layer with glowing, floating pearls, to top it all. The hat I am wearing is also part of the price, plus you can even add a little train at the buttom of the skirt, it's not shown here though. All in all I think it is a pretty good bargain.

So with hopes to leave you all in a bit of happy spirits, I will leave for a couple of days to eat yummy food, play with decorations and perhaps even open a present or two.

Merry Christmas
from Eria

Dress: Purple Moon - Child's Wish Outfit
Hat:Purple Moon - Child's Wish Outfit
Necklace: Amorous - Conquistador Necklace
Skin: Bellza - Grace
Fireplace: Bazar - Christmas fireplace
Pose: EZ Poses - Hurray