Walking in a winter wonderland

December is always a hectic month, both irl and in SL. For some reason all the people you ever met during the year, wants to meet up before xmas. preferably in the same two weekends. I can't complain too much though, it is nice to have so many people who wants to say hi and spend time together.

However it also gives a few challenges. One is to keep track of all the events and not mix them up! Secondly it is hard to find time for all the daily tasks and keep the blogging going. I am doing my best though. This weekend I had a few minutes to think of what to wear before attending the yearly X-mas ball of The Galaxy Ballroom, in Second Life, with my friends. But I remembered that last year Dead Dollz created a lot of lovely gowns for Christmas. I still think this gown is gorgeous.

enVOGUE recently released this beautiful updo that works perfectly with any formal dress. It is a simple, very high bun, that gives a lot of opportunities to add some hair accessories as well. Maybe it is my scandinavian blood, we just love those high buns, the higher the better ;)

One of the favorite sims during 2015 has been Frisland, I've taken a lot of blogging pics here. So I found it fitting to swing by and snap a few pics in their winter decorated sim as well. I can highly recommend to take a walk there and maybe relax a little at one of the cosy corners, created for this purpose.

In case I don't see you before Christmas upon us, I wish you a very merry Christmas and holidays with your family and loved ones.

Gown: Dead Dollz - Ozymandias - Red Xmas Gown
Hair: enVOGUE - Patricia
Jewelry: Modern Couture - Lolita Jewelry
Pose: EZ Poses - Just here
Location: Frisland