The sun still shines

Not long everything seemed to go wrong for me, becourse of silly people and bureaucrazy. All my plans and hopes got instantly destroyed for no good reason at all. My reaction was to go into stubborn mode, and refusing to play along with anything or anyone and thinking the whole world was stupid. I have some great friends, but let's face it, there are some really screwed up people in the world, adding nothing good to it. But in this case, something interesting happened. Without me asking, a person, not close to me, wanted to do something nice for, just because she could.

She made the problem go away, even though it meant some work on her part. Of course I help her too, but she could just not have cared, after all is was my problem. This person has so much positive energy, giving so much to world. It was a small act, but with that, she restored some faith in me. I remembered that a few times in life, I have run into such people and I am amazed by their kindness and their energy. I admire them so much for keeping it up. I hope that one day I will be in a position to pass on this kindness to someone else.

I don't mean to just go around and give all of yourself to everyone you meet, course some people will exploit that. But find a balance, find the people who needs and deserves an extra hand and it will go a long way.

Friday 13th was a great day for me, course I was shown so much kindness and people who beleives in me. Then the day got tainted by the terrible events in Paris. I am extreemly sad about how the world has turned so violent again, also when you look at the past decade. I could loose all  hope in humanity again, but I rather remember that there are still great people in the world and in Second Life, trying to put more kindness into the world, even when there is no good reason for it at all.

Shirt: Kitja - Lauren Sweater - Mint (Uber Nov 2015)
Skirt: Kitja - Lauren Skirt  - Black (Uber Nov 2015)
Hair: enVOGUE - Siane
Shoes: Reign - Eternal
Skin: Belleza - Faye
Pose: Di's Opera - Beauty Series 2 - 2
Location: Voile