Apparently a bunch of people think I am quite the angel. Some people never really take the trouble of having real conversations in Second Life, but it is through conversation you really get to know a person. Of course conversation can never stand alone. For example I'll never let anyone tell me who they are. I watch how they behave, especially towards others. In my experience, if people need to tell you in works how they are like, they are usually far from it.
I don't really know any person who can claim to be a saint or always nice and sweet. All humans contains elements of every mood, some are more profound in some people though.

I am no amgel, I am generally very selfish these days, course that is what I need to be. But I think, I generally know how to behave in different situations. There is a time for being a professional and a time to hang with my friends :)

In relation to the few items I am weating, I got a bunch of great items at this round of The Secret Affair. Deffinitely worth to check out!

Belleza is out with a couple of new skins. I am wearing the new Amber that will be relaesed at Mix on December 1st. The skin will be released in 7 skin tones, 8 eyebrow options with 10 makeups,

I've also found a new love for the tattoos at at White-Widow. They are very detailed and feminine and still very classy in my opinion.

Pearl top: Aisling - Celia Necklace (Secret Affair - Nov 2015)
Wings: Eifee - Angel wings - Gold (Secret Affair - Nov 2015)
Hair: enVOGUE - Madalyn (hair strands has been added. Be sure to try a demo or see  the hair here)
Tattoo: White~Widow - Altar - Black
Skin: Belleza - Amber (Mix-  Dec 2015)
Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
Pose: EZ Poses - I Am.