So you want to play with magic

Happy Halloween! Se details for the pictures below.

Pastel Goth Fair has been running for a while now, with lots of more or less useful items for Halloween. One of the more creative items, is this top shaped like a skeleton, but worn on the outside. The really cool and cute part is the spine, that is created with a row of small ribbons, endding in one big ribbon on the pelvis. I don't think you get a more true Dead Dollz style than this. The top comes in black and pink version for the Maitreya body.

The top is a wonderful match with the Valerie panties (also for the Maitreya body), sold as a gatcha item at the Epiphany event. The panties are lovely high waisted and will make your legs look like they go on forever. There is a matching bra to go with the panties of course, but you will have to play for it. However as I have written about before, the Epiphany event is a bit different than the traditional gacha events. If you already have an item and get another one, you get the option to keep it or to redeem it. If you redeem enough items, you will eventually have enough credits to buy one of th exclusive items, that all designers have created for the event.

So either if you are celebrating Halloween or not, I think these items can come in handy for other times as well. And in any case, I hope you will have a fantastic weekend.

Skeleton top: Dead Dollz - Morrigan (Pastel Goth - Oct 2015)
Panties: Dead Dollz - Valerie Panties - Gacha item  (Epiphany - Oct 2015)
Rings: Kibitz - Rosie rings
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Pose: EZ - Turn Me