Autumn Breeze

Little autumn inspired picture with cute itemds from the different fairs.

Zenith always make great items for the different events. This shit with knitted cardigan was all too perfect for the season. You pick what color cardigan your prefer and then the shirt below, comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture.
I also have a thing for headpieces with flowers, so ran straight to Seasons Story to get this lovely flower wreath from Bauhaus Movement, which comes in different autumn colored flowers as well.

Lots of finger rings are in fashion, at least to me lol
I picked up some really cute rungs at Kustom9 as well from Kibitz, they come in different metals, I am showing the gold version here and they are just so cute.

Geeks & Nerds fair is out to tempt you to buy all sort of gagets from your favorite tv shows, movies, cartoons, you name it. Exposeur has a serie of great poses there, named after all the companions from Doctor Who. Really cool!

Shirt: Zenith - Autumn coat with long shirt - Choco (Kustom9 - Oct15)
Headpiece: Bauhaus Movement - Yuka Headpiece RED ( The Seasons Story - Oct15)
Shoes: Essenz - Sicily
Rings: Kibitz - Rosie rings (Kustom9 - Oct15)
Hair: Exile::Stone Cold Seduction (slightly moded in PS)
Skin: Belleza - Grace
Pose: Exposeur - Companions - Clara (Geeks & Nerds - Oc15)
Location: Frisland