Collabor88 - February14

I have been trying for two days to get into Collabor88 and I finally managed (Think LL is now considering to kick my ass for excessive tp behaviour though). There was a few items I really wanted and among them was the this dress from Celoe and boots from Maitreya. Then starting to style it and set up my photo studio (I recently moved) Finally ready to take my pictures, my region annouced it was restarting in five minutes. You gotta love SL -.-

 click for larger image

I sure hope you enjoy what I came up with after all my struggles lol
I am pretty happy with the items I collected. Maitreya as always, is the master of making boots and these thigh high boots of snake skin are no exception. The dress is lovely as well. With different patterns and colors to choose from, I picked a simple expression, letting the little details of the cute shoulders stand out more. Don't forget to to have a look at the necklaces at ISON, they are really great. I love big necklaces with lot of details to go with the more simple look.

Dress: Celoe - Kes dress Dawn (Collabor88)
Boots: Maitreya  -Thigh High Boots - Bronze (Collabor88)
Necklace: ISON - Nova tribe necklace - Gold (Collabor88)
Bracelet: Mandala - Sirennoah watch & bracelet - Brown
Hair: Exile - Criminal - Dark Blondes
Pose: Diesel Works - Daisy1