Nuts with Lia at Miel

I didn't do it!  Ok I did, I bought the whole thing, I just could not recist. First the boots here are from Miel.  They're just great, slim and feminine and give long legs. They come with a script to size and change colors of the boots and sock parts into 6 different earthy tones. So don't look at me like that, I just had to get them.

Then there was the cute and soft looking outfit right there next to the boots, to match them. All together a perfect outfit for times you want to dress a bit warm without big jackets and so on.
Too tempting. But now I had boots with 6 different colors and could not decide which color combination of the outfit to get for them. But then there is a fatpack with all the colors and scripted attachments like the belt and sleeves to change the color on. Ops they're just all mine now, just jumped into my invie.
Socks are bought on the side though and come in various color variations. I thought I could do whith just one pack of 3 different colors. So finally I showed some restraint, I'm so proud of myself ;)

Outfit: Miel - Lia Dress
Socks: Miel Lia Socks - Coco Light
Boots: Miel - Lia Boots
Rings: Mandala - Takara Bangle/Bronze/ Nail&Ring
Hair 1: Truth - Estelle - pecan
Hair 4: Truth - Tilly - walnut
Pose1: LAP - F-Blogger6-Systemskirt PR4
Pose 2: LAP - WG-The Dakota PR4
Pose 3: LAP - F-Blogger8-Primpant PR4
Pose 4: LAP - F-Blogger2 PR4