Ataciara - Skins of the rainbow at Plastik

Aikea Rieko from Plastik has been quite busy, releasing a ton of the new Ataciara skins and eyes. And when I  say a ton, I really do mean a ton. So hold on this is going to be a bit long post. There is no way I can feature everything, but I'm going to give you an idea of what these skins are about.

When buying a a set of the Ataciara skins, you will get it in normal and a cleavage version. With it comes 10 tattoo layers witht he option to ad freckles, darker or lighter lips and alter make up a bit. Furhtermore you also get a set of Elf ears and set of glowing eyes. The elf ears themself are scripted to change color into other elf skin types or skin tones.

I think there is a skintone for every elf of the rainbow and they can be bought as a fatpack on their own. Of course if you don't want to be an elf, can just decide on a more normal skin color and not wear the long ears. Like the elf skins, they also come in more normal skin tones from pale to dark :)

Along with all the skins Platstik also released a pack of new eyes. So if you need to be a bit bizarre or freaky, these should be a great solution. I'll just show a few here together with more skins, but there are many, many more, which you have to go to Plastik store to check out.

Altogether I really like these skins. Whether  you wan't to be an elf or simply human I think they're very well done and I simply love the eyes. They make it so much fun to play around with different freaky looks. I'm also very impressed with the fact that you not only get different skin options, but also eyes, ears and makeup in your folder. It makes a perfect elf look, but if you loose the ears, you could  quickly change into a vampire, cyborg, fairy and so on. I think I'm quite ready for any costume party coming up now :)

Wearing with skin 1:
Skin: Plastik - Ataciara-Melody- Killer
Dress: Canimal - Abaddon
Hair: Truth - Kelsey - chocolate
Wings: Skinthesis - Tailypo Wings - Gramma's Mink
Tattoo: Body by Eve - BBE Floral 4 Body Art
Pose: Exposeur - Playful Fairy 8

Wearing with skin 2:
Skin: Plastik - Ataciara-Elven- Nautical - Papyrus ( with lip stripe layer)
Outfit: Kleyo - Turquoise sea Outfit W
Bikini: Yasum Designs - Leather hunt
Hair: Kleyo - ZIKHA HAIR W

Tattoo: Body by Eve - BBE Floral 4 Body Art (face tattoo is part of the skin make up)
Pose: Amacci - Female -H1

Eyes and skins in collection picture (From left to rigth):
1 Eyes: Haunt Collection-Internal Bleeding
1 Skin: Ataciara-Elven-Bark-Warlord
2 Eyes: Haunt-L-Loyalty Till Death
2 Skin: Ataciara-Hymn-Shadow Cateye (with freckles layer)
3 Eyes: VaeColl.-Sola
3 Skin: Ataciara-Lullaby-Phoenix
4 Eyes:VaeColl.-Lookingglass 1
4 Skin: Ataciara-Hymn-Shadow Cateye (with darker lips layer)