Silver Angel

Even the devil is an angel too
In this post I am featuring this beautiful angel release from Astralia at Epiphany. Every part is beautifully made with lots of details to them, from the metallic feathers to the little gemstones, giving it some extra shine. The different items is gachas, where the Wings are an rare item. Below you can see the gacha key.

The Body Suit is a new release from Dead Dollz at Uber. It is simply gorgeous in its design. The lase is transpartent. I have made the nipples dissapear int he picture for PG settings, so be sure you try the demo. But honestly, it is a most have.

The tattos I am wearing is actually two different tattoos from White~Widow, available at Shiny Shabbya and BishBox. As you can see, they work really well together with their flowery patterns gown down the legs and arms. Truly beautiful.


Body Suit: Dead Dollz - Scarlett Bodysuit (Uber - Jan/Feb 2017)
NeckTattoo: White~Widow - Harmonium (Shiny Shabby till Feb 15)
Leg Tattoo: White~Widow - Silence (BishBox - Till Feb 19)
Wings: Astralia - Sheila wings RARE (The Epiphany - Jan/Feb 2017)
Crown: Astralia - Sheila headpiec (The Epiphany - Jan/Feb 2017)
Stars: Astralia - Sheila add-on stars (The Epiphany - Jan/Feb 2017)
Ankle wings: (The Epiphany - Jan/Feb 2017)
Cuffs: Astralia - Sheila cuffs (The Epiphany - Jan/Feb 2017)

Hair Strands from Rayne Morgan ♥