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A little less Christmas inspired picture, but so there is also a lot of  cool events out there right now, that is not the least Christmassy, but full of items you just gotta own!

First, I am wearing this really cool couture dress from Dead Dollz, sold at The Crossroads, It actually comes as a bodysuit and then you can choose to wear the cage skirt with it. There is also a really cool matching cage mask to complete the look.

Dead Dollz and Astralia has also worked together on developing items for the Limit8. The Lych gloves I am wearing, is decorared with little rings with pearls over the fingers. They are a perfect match with the glittery metal claws from Astralia. Together these pieces are simply stunning! Limit8 is a special event, where there will only be sold 200 items of each release. That means there is a risk these will be sold out quickly.

Also at the Crossroads is these awsome headphones from Bauhaus Movement. They come in a silver or gold editon that are coveres with pearls and jewels. I love the princess DJ look to them. Of course I found the best match for them then, is the princess heels from ChicChica. Some of my absolute favorite shoes to wear. Don't forget to pick up the gifts at the arrival area, there is also a beautiful matching chocker from Bauhaus Movement.

White~Widow is also very active with some wonderful releases. I am featuring two different ones here. Aloft is a new release for the MadPea Christmas Calendar. You buy the Calendar for 1000L to hang in the home. Each day you can click the matching date and get your gift. Aloft is a great tattoo for he upper body, featuring reindeer. But they are made more like icons, so nto too X-massy and can therefore be worn all year around. On the thighs I am wearing the Fences tattoo made for the Poe9 Hunt. The tattoo is in White-Widows usual style with beautiful patterns of circles.


Dress: Dead Dollz - Valhalla (The Crossroads Dec 2016)
Gloves: Dead Dollz - Lych Jewel Gloves (Limit8 - Max 200 will be sold)
Nails: Astralia - Mynx Claws - (Limit8 - Max 200 will be sold)
Headphones: Bauhaus Movement - Anouk Headphones (The Crossroads Dec 2016)
Thigh tattoo: White~Widow - Aloft (MadPea Calendar - Till Dec 25 2016)
Upper tattoo: White~Widow - Fences (Poe9 Hunt - Till Dec 31 2016)
Shoes: ChicChica  - Princess (mainstore)

Hair strands by Rayne Morgan <3 p="">