Just a few more things.

Snow is falling a lot of places right now and if you're like me, you dream of packing a few things and run for it. In Second Life it is thankfully a lot easier to go new places, be it sunny or snowy and we always have all your belongings with us, so we can avoid scenes like this picture.

Shiny Shabby opened its doors with a winter theme. Dead Dollz released this outfit with a furry jacket and matching skirt. I love the classic skirt, as it wraps around the legs in a very feminine and business like way. The fur jacket is short, giving room for the skirt and can ad a nice bracelet og watch to the look. The skirt and jacket are not linked together, so can be matched with other items too. I personally love to mix the skirt with the Rehearsal sweather, for a more indoor like look. 

I've also been by Reign and was happy to find some very nice shoes at the great price of 75L I am wearing the Ombre stilettos, that have have fun and lively colors that fades into a black sexy heel. 

Fur jacket: Dead Dollz - Olivia Fur (Shiny Shabby jan 16)
Skirt: Dead Dollz - Olivia Skirt (Shiny Shabby jan 16)
Shoes: Reign.- Ombre Stilettos
Hair: enVOGUE - Isabella
Skin: Belleza - Grace
Pose: EZ Poses - To you
Location: Loch Noble