I must admit I hate Gacha items. Not that I hate Gacha or the the items themself as long as it was just that actual event. But it has been such a great succes, so now it has spread to other events that has nothing to do with Gacha and if I want the item, I am forced to play and get a random item, instead of the one I actually want and is prepared to pay for. Then I would end up with more of the same item and items I don't want and I do not have the patience for gacha markets. Now I mostly ignore everything that looks like a Gacha machine. However I am not alone with these thoughts, so a new event called Epiphany is trying to do it a little different.

The Epiphany event uses an unique system where you play on the machine as usual, and get a random item, commons or rares, but once you receive your prize , you have two options. You can either choose to open the box or redeem the item.

If you open the the box, you keep the item, but if you redeem the item, you exhange it for credits instead and the item will disappear. The credits you collect instead of duplicates or unwanted prizes cen be used to purchase exclusive items, that each designer in the event has created. This at least solves the issue with getting duplicates and you don't feel bothered with running a Gacha marketplace to resell your items.

This leads me to the sexy dress shown above called Night Watch. It is made exclusively for Epiphany, the only way to get it, is by collecting credits from redeemed items. The event ends August 4th and the dress will never be sold again after this. The dress comes in a black and a lovely nude version. The mask and the shoulder decoration is the items you can play for,a s commons and rares, depending on their color and metals.

Dress: Dead Dollz - Night Watch - Black Gown (Epiphany)
Mask: Dead Dollz - Night Watch - Black Mask - RARE (Epiphany)
Shoulder part: Dead Dollz - Night Watch - Black Epaulette - RARE (Epiphany)
Hair: enVOGUE - Marilyn
Pose: Di's Opera - Feminine Line 2 - 2
Mirror: Kalopsia - Le Miroire de la Marquise