A sword for a dress

I am very happy because 'We ♡ Role-play' is back with a new round. I have always enjoyed attending the fair, not course I do much roleplay, but becourse there are usually some really creative and well done items, Specially in the accessory department. It is really tempting to buy all sort of items, like all of the sudden I can think that buying a sword is the best idea in the world. Course it is shiny and pretty and I want it!

Now I resisted the tempation to buy the sword (for now), course I can't think of  a good club or venue where waving around with a sword will look that amazing.

But there are other items on the fair, that I do think can be used at different occations, One of them, is this beautiful dress from Dead Dollz. It is inspired by Margaery Tyrell from Games of Thrones, so it already got my interest there, as I love that story. It got a bit of fantasy look, but also slightly asian and will look great at any formal occation. It comes in 5 different colors, but sky blue is one of my favorite colors, so is the one I am featuring here.

The dress is available right now at 'We ♡ role-play' with a 25% discount. 

Dress - Dead Dollz - Margaery
Bracelet - Miam Miam Jewelry - Resin Bangles
Earring - Zaara - Ayanna Jhumka earrings . Gold
Crown - Cute Poison - Clockwork Crown - Gold
Hair - Truth Hair - Feronia
Skin - Belleza - Grace
Pose - Del May - Double take you
Location - Shekhawati India