Bohemian Winter Style

Oops I bought a whole store! Don't tell my husband. I was just going to Coco to get the boots, but when I was there, eveything was looking pretty great and then the magic word was sale!

In fact, everything at the store is at 50% sale right now. I don't think they are that expensive in the first place e, so I kinda went nuts boguht everything and mixed it into above outfit, which I really like. I might have to wear it all through x-mas though, since I went broke, but that is ok, I love the details of each part.

There is so many great designers out there, so have you remembered to nominate them for the Avi Choice Award? If not you can go see if they are already nominated and vote for them here.

Somehow I find myself on the list this year, in the DJ category, which I think is way cool! So doing some shameless self promoting, and invite you to come join me, at my next set at The SS Galaxy on Tuesday 12-2pm SLT. Casual show with lots of fun and geeky talk, where I play both new and old hits.


Tee: Coco - Gilet - Sequin Gold
Skirt: Coco - LaceSkirt - Beige
boots: Coco - KneeBoots - Dark brown
Fur: Coco- FurTippet&Pearls - Dark brown fur
Hair: Exile - Pictures of You - Dark blondes
Pose: Diesel Works - Daisy8

Location: Slightly Twisted