Maitreya Mesh Dress

I'm adoring the new mesh clothing, specially this  Nolita dress from Maitreya, which is so simple but elegant and follows my every move, like if it had been made for my avie only.

Truth is that it almost fitted me, only had to adjust my love handles a little bit hehe. The dress comes in 4 different sizes, so if doesn't seem to fit, then try another and adjust the point that doesn't work for you. There are also numerous colors to pick from and I kinda want one of each, but for now I went for this warm purple cerise color, reminding of summer is near :)

I'm having more difficulties with the mesh hairs for now, as it is not as easy to just adjust a point, if the hair is not the way I want it. This new Abbey hair from Elikatira fitted perfectly though and was just right for any elegant look. (Thank you Mica :)

Dress: Maitreya - Mesh Nolita Dress * Cerise
Hair: Elikatira - Abbey - Brown 10 (Mesh)
Earrings:Amida earring - Black
Nails: Candy Nail #Birth Stone Nails Diamond *April
Pose: Exposeur -Top Model Anslee