LeeZu Mix

New release from LeeZu includes this outfit in three parts, jacket, top and skirt, which I've here below had chosen to feaure in an all black version, but it comes in multible colors han are cue to mix together.

I specially like the jacket with the puffy sleeves, which is highly detailed and super cute. The top has a prim part that covers the belly part, but it works just as well without it, just show a litle more skin below. The Eyecatcher in this outfit is probaly the ballerina looking skirt witha layer of small dots, that lights up the special looking fabric.

Jacket: LeeZu - Nadja Jacket /black
Top: LeeZu - Nadja Halter Top /black
Skirt: LeeZu - Nadja StreetBallerina Skirt /black
earrings: Mandala - Amida earrings/ Black
Shoes: P10 - Gemini Heels Leather Black
Hair: Truth - Pandora - strawberry

Pose: Exposeur - Brittani (be sure to check out the new store)
Photo Location - World's End Garden