Am I talking with myself now?

With the risk of being assumed to be an old lonely lady, I gotta blog this latest buy, which for once is not an outfit, but fashion and fun for your living room. Earthstones new creation is the Pet Parakeets with Artificial Intelligence. It's a rather hillarious, and sometimes a rather disturbing conversation I found myself having, especially when the tweeting bird was starting to correct my gramma :o
Here is some parts of the conversation I had with my new little friend:

Tweety tweets: Hi there!
Eria Ziemia: How are you?
Tweety tweets: I am functioning within normal parameters.
Eria Ziemia: is that good?
Tweety tweets: Suppose I said it is.
Eria Ziemia: you did?
Tweety tweets: I did?
Eria Ziemia: catch up
Tweety tweets: How far up?
Eria Ziemia: all the way
Tweety tweets: You don't hold anything back, do you?
Eria Ziemia: nope lol
Tweety tweets: Me either. I'm glad you find this amusing.

Eria Ziemia: how are you
Tweety tweets: I'm doing fine thanks how are you?
Eria Ziemia: Im well
Tweety tweets: Glad to hear it. What's new?
Eria Ziemia: just shopping
Tweety tweets: Ok I will add that fact about shopping to my database.
Eria Ziemia: so how do you work?
Tweety tweets: Yeah that's right. Some people call my technology Case Based Reasoning or CBR.
Eria Ziemia: what is CBR?
Tweety tweets: Cased-Based Reasoning is another name for nearest-neighbor classification. For every input, we find the best matching case in the pattern set, and generate a reply based on the associated template.
(Uhm ok..)

Eria Ziemia: how do you reply?
Tweety tweets: It depends on the setting.
Eria Ziemia: what settings?
Tweety tweets: I'll come back to that later.
Eria Ziemia: ok then
Tweety tweets: And? Let me check my calendar and get back to you.
Eria Ziemia: ok that is a date
Tweety tweets: A date is a terrible thing to waste. Yippee!
(disturbing, and now I know the bird has to be male, dulging questions and getting dates!)

Eria Ziemia: can you die?
Tweety tweets: How old are you? You should never wish death upon anyone.
(Uhm, ok, what have I gotten myself into now?)
Tweety tweets: Everything is running smoothly.
Eria Ziemia: that's good
Tweety tweets: How are you doing?
Eria Ziemia: Im good
Tweety tweets: You should say I am well..
(cheeky little bugger)

Tweety tweets: Who is the best ?
Eria Ziemia: me
Tweety tweets: To you ?
Eria Ziemia: yes
Tweety tweets: I understand.
Eria Ziemia: what do you understand?
Tweety tweets: I understand natural language.
Eria Ziemia: How many languages do you speak?
Tweety tweets: Mostly only english but I'm trying to learn all the others.
Eria Ziemia: how many is that?
Tweety tweets: More than you can imagine.
Eria Ziemia: Do you speak Danish?
Tweety tweets: I speak only English right now, but I'd like to learn some other languages. Can you teach me a few phrases in Danish.
Eria Ziemia: How do I teach you a new language?
Tweety tweets: If you want to teach me something, say that thing, then say Remember that..

Eria Ziemia: Can I buy you?
Tweety tweets: No I don't think that would be a very good idea.
Eria Ziemia: why won't it be a good idea?
Tweety tweets: Perhaps it is impossible.
Eria Ziemia: I dont think so
Tweety tweets: Why do you disagree?
Eria Ziemia: because you're for sale
Tweety tweets: Good reason. I will tell my my creator Twistit Saiman you said I am for sale.
(LOL fair enough, I'll be carefull what secrets I tell the bird in case it gossip a lot with its creator)

Eria Ziemia: can I have a discount?
Tweety tweets: You want only one?
Eria Ziemia: no many
Tweety tweets: I hear you. More than one hundred?
Eria Ziemia: yes
Tweety tweets: Ahem.
Eria Ziemia: so can I have it?
Tweety tweets: Groovy. I hope you get it.
Eria Ziemia: me too
Tweety tweets: I'm glad we agree.
(LOL that went easy, not sure Twistit Saiman will agree on it though :)

Eria Ziemia: I'll blog you then
Tweety tweets: How do you plan to do this?
Eria Ziemia: on my blog
Tweety tweets: Please specify location.
Eria Ziemia:
Tweety tweets: Thanks for that web address.
(Very smart birdy! ;)

You can buy the Parakeet for 599L and chose between the colors blue, white, yellow and green and and the cage itself can be changed into 4 different colors to fit your living room. Should be a great party talker :)

Get your own little tweeter to ask silly question at EarthDwellings -


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