New Jewelry from Aglaia

Looking into more jewelry from Aglaia I'll show you these pretty new sets for the Flux collection, straight from designer Pheonix Piek. Starting out with the Rox pieces, shown below, which is matching earrings and necklace that despite their size have a light an airy look. Great for attrackting attention to your lovely face at parties without being too heavy looking.

The other interesting release from Aglaia is the Barbed set shown above, with matching hat and necklace. because of the black rose and wire, my thoughts are lead to a dark romantic image. It can both give a soft and harsh personality at the same time, I love it.
The best part is that thought this is new releases, they're 25% off for the first week, so 175L each.

Visit Aglaia main store for these and more jewelry here -

Wearing in picture 1:
Jewelry from Aglaia - Flux Collection - Rox

Top: Mimikri - Lady Minx/Dress black
Hair: !SyDS! - Love is like a butterfly - Cafe

Wearing picture 2:
Hat and jewels - Aglaia - Flux Collection - Barbed

Top: Mimikri - Lady Minx/Dress black
Hair: W&Y hair - 37 - Pack A