Fracas Tee

I adore this Fracas Tee in white as shown below, which is one of the many later releases from Nyte'N'Day. It comes in multible colors, where another favorite of mine is the gold version. It's a great alternative summer look of the small pretty dresses. Great to combine with some jeans if you still want to look hot, but with a rougher edge to your personality. The Tee can be found on the dark side of the store for 125L - Perfect for a trip into the wilder nature :)

Tee shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Fracas Tee - White
Jeans: Detour - Flood Jeans
Hair: ARGRACE - Hunting - Velvety bob - Light brown
Bracelet: U&R Dogs - Traumerei Bracelet Silver (by Ruriko Jewell)

Pose: Exposeur -Top Model Accessorize - Alasia

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