New store at Nyte'N'Day

Nyte caligari has been working on her new store for months and months and finally it's here! With the aim to get more space for more delicious outfits and yet make it easier to find just the right outfit, she build a new huge, but great store. Now the outfits is organized by purpose e.g. you need some party clothes, you got to that area, and if you need a business suit you can go to that area. Furthermore the store is divided into a black and white area - Night and day and of course you'll find the club wear in the night department and business in the day area.

Furthermore Nyte is working on re-doing some of her classic outfits, so if you have an old Nyte'N'Day outfit that you still love but feel is a bit outdated there is still hope. Of course there is no store opening without new outfits. Above is shown Nyte'N'Day - Stint in blue,  one of my new favorites for business wear. It's classical with cute little details like the buttons at the neck.

To make sure you get around seeing the store there is a hunt going on till Sunday 9pm SLT. You'll have to find 8 Nyte'N'Day mini logos and get free outfits in a special color that will not otherwise be available. The logos might not be too easy to find, but since Nyte is a softy, she already made the logos lager several times. Who knows, she might even have made them blinking lights by Sunday, so should be possible to find them and just enjoy discovering the new store and its possibilities :)