Queen of light and shadows

Fantasy Faire is coming to and end soon. Luckily it has just been extended till May 12t where the fair is officially closing. So be sure you take some time out of your busy schedule, if you still haven't seen the amazing builds and shopping possibilists, to take a last look.

“I sailed a sea of emotion to wander a forest of scars
I am a dance of  light and darkness
A galaxy of shadow and stars”

― R. Queen.

I am here wearing the super cool mask from KROVA, it comes in a  black and a golden version. I am wearing the golden version for this pic. The mask looks amazing, is highly detailed and a dream for making a dark fantasy look. The eyes are not part of the mask, so you can use it with your own eyes to create your own creepy look. You will find the mask on the J'adoube sim, that is definitely worth a visit in itself.

Credits for the pic

Mask: KROVA Confessor - GLD  (Fantasy Faire 2021 - J’adoube sim)
Hair: DOUX -  Maddie (Hair strands added in photoshop for effect)
Gemstones: FAKEICON - Mary gems collar - black

Still busy with activities

There is still a a lot to do at the faires, the event schedule is keeping busy with acitivites such as the LitFest, and tours to three regions, tabletop games and special avatar chess, the centaur parade and a party at the FaireChylde. Check out the schedule

Silent Auction

Saturday at Noon SLT the silent auction is ending, so be sure to check it out and perhaps you can put in a last  winning bid one some of the amazing items and collectables. There is everything from fairy wings, swords, to the desired collectable libertine eggs from Fallen Gods. And all the money are going to support Relay for Life.

Check out the Silent Auction and items you can bid on at the website
Or tp directly to the Silent Auction.

Supporting Relay for Life

Don't forget that everything done and created at the Fantasy Faire. is done in support for Relay for Life. So far the Fantasy Faire 2021 has relayed the staggering amount of  L$17,303,169!

But it is not over yet, so be sure you go shop, bid at the auctions, support, tell your friends and most of all, make sure you have fun and come back next year ♥

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