Fantasy Faire 2021

Fantasy Faire is back to spark your imagination for the 13th time! Visit from today April 22nd – May 9th, 2021 and dive into amazingly build fantasy worlds, with events, shops, gifts, music and much more!  I've been lucky to get a sneak peak to share with you here.

Fantasy Faire creations benefits Relay for Life

Info and credits to the photo above:

Fantasy Faire has a stunning amount of dedicated creators for a myriad of fantasy styles. If you like roleplay or just like to get a creative kick, be sure you have a look around. I hope to be photographing a few different creations before the faire ends. And remember, The Faire is part of Relay for Life, so when you buy items created for the faire you're also supporting American Cancer Society.

I can't deny, I am a happy flower girl, so for this first post, I am wearing the most beautiful fairy princess mesh dress from Lurve. It comes in 3 spring colors. I am wearing the blush version here, sprinkled with pink spring flowers. I love how the skirt falls and folds being a bit longer in the back, giving it a a bit of a floating feel. The wings and rose crown are a part of the outfit, but it is up to you if you want to add them. The dress is available for  Belleza (Freya Isis Venus) SLing (Physique and hourglass), Tonic (Fine & Curvy), TMP, Ocasin, Ebody and of course Maitreya Lara as well as the classic mesh body sizes and fitmesh. So I think that includes pretty much everyone. Lurve is also selling a lot more items that is the dedicated to the RFL fundraising.

The beautiful large flower halo behind me, as actually one you attach to your avatar and it is magnificent in its details as you can see. It actually in 7 different versions, including a summer styled one, with flowers and butterflies and a more dark leafless version with black ravens, so there is several styles to get creative with. The release also includes beautiful flower antlers, that I did not have the option to feature here.


Dress: wings and rose crown: Lurve - Spring Fantasy Dress In Blush (Fantasy Faire 2021, Khol Dracys)
Flower halo: Acios - Gaia Halo ~Cherry Blossom~ (Fantasy Faire 2021, Peaville Goes Nuts)
Hair: DOUX - Maddie hairstyle (hair strands added for effect)
Ring: Dahlia - Soho - Ring

Start your adventure at the fairelands

Fantasy Faire 2021 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world

This year there is no less than 21 regions to visit, (15 shopping and 6 special regions). Each of them with their own special fantasy theme and incredible builds. This by no means a review of what is best to see, as I have only visited a small part of the Faire so far. But I wanted to tease you with a small selection of some of the builds, so you might get interested to go explore for yourself.

Khol Dracys ~ Sponsored by BattleBeast Breedables: With its numerous floating islands, dragons and not to mention a magnificent tower, that is so high, I can't capture it properly with my camera. Be sure you look out for all its details. This is also where the Lurve dress can be found.

Somniatoris Arx ~ Sponsored by ContraptioN is an amazing city build and with its many towers it sure to stand out. The main area is interesting to check out as well with the plaza and leading to what seems like an archaeological digging ground. For what I will leave to you to have a closer look at. 

Isles of Tarrin ~ Sponsored by Teegle : A festive floating village centered by the mill. Walk the colorful streets, decorates with festive flags all over, notice the little details an discover the path below the island. The sum got J'adoube sim as background, providing an interesting contrast.

J'adoube - Sponsored by The Looking Glass is a quite interesting build with its chess theme. Chess butterflies are escaping with the chess pieces, while the chess king and queen over overseeing the area. Take a little break in one of the little boats at the lakes and enjoy the creativity.

Start your own adventure and enjoy exploring. I for one, look very much forward to visit more sims with friends and check out all the fun and creative details.

Stay updated on events:

Fantasy Faire has literary festival and roleplay groups active in the Fairelands, DJed parties, dance, music and particle performances and much more to check out.

Right now you also got the chance to nominate the rulers of Fantasy Faire 2021

Whoever is your favorite fantasy character, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Live Auction! Nominate them here

Officials channels

To stay updated at everything going on a the Fantasy Faire 2021, be sure you visit their official blog:

And since I can't possibly cover everything, I recommend you check out the official Fantasy Faire Flickr group for more pictures and most importantly go have fun ♥