Where the stars kiss the ocean

Where the stars kiss the ocean

It's time you let me go

“I sailed a sea of emotion,
to wander a forest of scars,
I am a dance of
Light and darkness,
A galaxy of shadow and stars” 
― R. Queen

This is a more artistic picture that I wanted to do that has had several inspiration. I really recommend you go check out the dress from Just Because at their mainstore. It got so much detail to the texture of the floral top part. It comes in a lot of colors and the top can be changed from sheer to solid. It is also a perfect dress for the holiday parties.

The hair is from Truth Hair, which is my favorite these days. I love the big braid forming a crown around the top of the head and the long wavy curls going down the back. It is one of the newer hairstyles, so it comes with a styling hud, that let's you change the position of the hair at the sides, if you want them in the front or the back. A few hair strands has been added to blow in the wind. Be sure you try the demo first.

Inspiration ♪: The power of goodbye

Dress: Just Because - Fleur Gown
Hair: Truth Hair - Sorcha
Shoes: Reign - Katy Heels

Location: Bardeco & Kekeland


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